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What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: llewispr
llewispr 14 Dates In One Night

I have been extremely busy working and traveling this month so I have had no time to date let alone post a new story...but... I think I made up for it last night... I had 14 dates in one night. OK all you savvy badonlinedates.com'rs h ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: tnez72
tnez72 i know what u had for dinner!!

well one time i went on a date with this girl ,we went for drinks and we were out all nite but as we was leaving a club she started to get sick so i walked her to my car and was going to take her home but as i walked around my side sh ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: suebenfell
suebenfell wonder where all the genuine guys have gone.

I have been single for three years and in that time I seem to be meeting guys who say they are looking for a relationship but after a few meetings it becomes apparent they are only after a fling. I have also chattered with time waster ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: subroyal
subroyal embarrassing blind date

I met a guy online a while back and we dated a bit but realised we were not compatible. He not realising he had told me a bit about his family offered to set me up with a "friend" of his. I agreed and went on a blind date with his "fr ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: balbers
balbers What were they thinking?

I heard about this site on the radio and thought I'd use it to vent for a minute. So, I have a lot of friends who are married and they're always quick to point out how lucky I am to be single and dating. I think they've simply forgo ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: kenza2006good
kenza2006good seeking for serious relationship

no body

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer Internet Encounters

For an article I'm writing I recently joined a dating website that has a feature section just for "intimate" and wild encounters, while I did not post a profile in that section the very first day a man sent me a instant message with ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: shauna_d_84078
shauna_d_84078 The Whole Thing

I don't really have any bad stories. It's just that every time you find someone you could be interested in, they just start trying to hard to wine and dine you on the computer. That doesn't work for me. Then when you meet them they ar ... (Read More »)

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