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What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: krazycaligirl79
krazycaligirl79 Meat Head

I once met this guy from school. We were in the same class and we talked all the time. So one day we planned to hang out and he was going to take me out to dinner. Well I thought that was awesome. That night when we were heading for d ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: skaldtorvaldr
skaldtorvaldr Laughed at

My last bad date? I was laughed at. Why? Because I showed up. She actually told me that she had a bet with some other women that I would be a no show.

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BadOnlineDates: sjbmnt
sjbmnt There's something about Mary...

Okay, not sure where to start or how much space I should take up here describing my recent nightmare. I met a woman through an internet dating service and it was great all the time we were on the phone.

However, when we final ... (

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BadOnlineDates: tammybee1
tammybee1 NO show..

Well it's taken me 42 years to get to the 'NO show'. I met him online, talked on the phone 4-5 times, he makes a date and never shows up. Not only was that bad enough he didn't call the next day to say what happened. Since I've not ex ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: waytoblue
waytoblue Run, don't walk!

I once met someone I had met on Match.com for a date and from the beginning the whole night was a disaster. To begin with, we met at what purported to be an Irish Pub in Marietta but when I actually arrived there it seemed like anyt ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: eeshno
eeshno not a date but its bad....

Well today I finally got one of those Nigerian money scam artists who posted on my profile here saying, " i will also like to know you more"......ok, it really gets bothersome for a guy who wants to meet real women with a pulse and ev ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: Jeff
Jeff Shirtless photos don't work, unless you're gay.

Last week, Jennifer had something on her page about shirtless and sometimes full-on naked pictures of themselves that dudes send her when they're trying to get with her. I'm still waiting to hear from the first guy who has tried this ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: llewispr
llewispr 14 Dates In One Night

I have been extremely busy working and traveling this month so I have had no time to date let alone post a new story...but... I think I made up for it last night... I had 14 dates in one night. OK all you savvy badonlinedates.com'rs h ... (Read More »)

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