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What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: ElRubio
ElRubio The Breakup

If you can't tell I have cute names for all of my bad (and good) dates that end up being these titles. I digress... During the depths of my depravity searching this year, I ended up posting a couple of ads on Craigslist for friends ( ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: ElRubio
ElRubio The Unexpected Bonus, or I lose a myspace friend

There's a name for this date I've since learned, but in my lexicon, she'll always be the unexpected bonus. One of my friends forwarded me the "Myspace Angles" link a couple weeks ago which codifies what's going on with pictures out th ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: ElRubio
ElRubio The Freak of the Week

For some insane reason I actually posted for a date on Craigslist one night, just to see if anything would come of it. A couple of lame emails filtered in, and finally, one woman who had a good reply with some character and wit. A f ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: deannalaine
deannalaine Always cover the basics

I've never really had great dates, but they were all pretty uneventful. I do have a story about a guy I "dated" though. He was quite a bit older than me and he said he was divorced, but I felt he respected me. There was always some ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: lrmoe
lrmoe first and only date

I met a guy I will call “Ron” at a friend’s house one evening. Because I was with a group of friends, and I liked the friend who knew him, my interest in Ron was piqued. He was good-looking in that slightly soft way, and he had ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer Interesting article on Why Most Men Have a Wandering Eye

As seen in a recent study from Duke University about why most men have a wondering eye suggests that men are driven by their hardwiring and biology as seen in the groups of male rhesus monkeys where they favored sex and power in the f ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: saksms
saksms girlfriend beytraed me

i have planned the date but she left me alone and i was in love with her

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BadOnlineDates: waytoblue
waytoblue people who just don't get it...

actual email exchange on an online dating site: Me: Hi, You're into music...that's cool. I'm a musician and I'm currently wrapping up studies at GSU school of music. I've recorded a couple of cd's...the first I did on my own and t ... (Read More »)

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