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What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: JimBrazina
JimBrazina First Date Clothing Disaster

So I loved this girl's profile, so I wanted to look great for our first date. I carefully selected a smoked cobalt blue wool suit with a steel grey tie, to let her know I wasn't too serious. I'm sitting at the restaurant, and she w ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: AsianGrl
AsianGrl Big Mistake

Found an online dating guy n dated for almost 7 months. Now that i think i am love with him, he wants to break up!! I am very sad now. Can i get some support from anyone?!?!

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BadOnlineDates: GypsyJeepWoman
GypsyJeepWoman I Found Another Like my Ex!

Out of hundreds of choices in the online dating sites I decided to try, I chose ONE person to go out with for coffee/dinner. Imagine my surprise when I realized just minutes into the conversation that he was a CARBON COPY of my ex. C ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: Kelskels27
Kelskels27 Why won't he date me

My best friend thinks I should start dating, so she tried hooking me up with her boyfriends Bestfreind. We've been talking for a few weeks now and it turns out he really likes me but he told me he doesn't date anymore due to his last ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: Chii
Chii Short Romance

I started dating online when i was in 1st year college. I dated girls back then but when me and my last GF broke up she wants me to promise that she wants to be my last ex GF. I never tried dating people in my country its always been ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: dezertwoman
dezertwoman Retired Deputy Sheriff in Wyoming scammer and abuser

Hi. I tried singles net . com and "Ernie" contacted me. He assured me with the lulling tone that he just wanted to find the love of his life and get married. He lives in Thermopolis WY and is 75 years old, quite good looking. He ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: brahmabull1
brahmabull1 scary

We started talking after he accidentally called my telephone by mistake. We lived in the same state, and he seemed very intelligent, and we shared many of the same views. We spoke on the phone for hours over the course of about a yea ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: Kiamona
Kiamona Afraid of rejection

Met this guy while preparing his taxes. He caught my attention from the first minute. I could not stop dazzing into his eyes. We both laughed at my jokes and more. Problem, I want to be his friend, but I do not know where to start. Bummer..........

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