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What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer Men and Their Cash-Carrying Habits

I just posted on Jennifer's Blog this morning and also in the audio section of the site a podcast about, "what his cash-carrying habits say about him." Love thoughts on this article in Cosmo. Just seemed a bit off base!

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BadOnlineDates: ElRubio
ElRubio The Breakup, part 2

After my first go-round with Breakup, I figured she wasn't going to ever call me. The coworker and I get back along, but have the unwritten rule to not discuss Breakup. One Sunday about six weeks later, I am on my way to a movie ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer What Not to Say to a Woman

Today I posted a video on the site about, "What Not to Say to a Woman." Word of advice here - talking about weight is for the most part not a good idea -- and if she ask does, "this make me fat?" you say "NO!" I will also say t ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer Spammers Suck!

Need I say more! Interesting about the spammer that Marc just posted about. She/he created a profile a week ago did nothing with it till today... Then this afternoon sent the spam out. Clearly this "spammer" went to the Sneak ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer OK, So He Thought There Was Chemistry

OK! I get that in life we can misread people! I get that 100000% But a recent experience I had with a man just made me think that perhaps he's hitting the bong to much or completely self- absorbed! About a month ago I met this guy ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer First Date Disaster Relief

I was interviewed about a week ago for this article (see below link) for the RedEye of the Chicago Tribune. Leonor Vivanco- the reporter did a great job and it's full of good dating tips! http://redeye.chicagotribune.com/red-072608-date-main,0,5471225.story

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BadOnlineDates: jennifer
jennifer New Site Features!

Please excuse the construction dust on the BadOnlineDates.com Social Dating site since the move to create more user and member features. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any concerns or questions. I will be sending a ... (Read More »)

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BadOnlineDates: kdr_neupane
kdr_neupane when I seak in the Mid way

the time was summer. i and my friend make a plan for going to tour as long far as 8 hour than our villag. in the mid way i'am seak i fant there and my friend are helped me and we are reterned bace. time 2006 sandesh

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