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BadOnlineDates: valentine
valentine passive aggressive

Met man on singlesnet, 67 year old man from pylesville, Md in the 1 1/2 hour car ride to the destination, he gave me the silent treatment, after ordered food, he leaned over the table and got into my face screaming at me about all my faults (in his mind) the restaurant was filled, I didn't eat, too upset and embarrassed, on the ride home he got a bad case of road rage, I was scared and prayed to get home, stopped in my driveway and he screamed about all the things he hated, this man when we first met, was almost too perfect and police, he is full blown passive aggressive with the baggage of an adult alcoholic son living with him, whom he is proud that the son breaks the law

What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: junglered

I think I can understand why this guy screamed at you. Do you talk as poorly as you write? Seriously...your story is nearly incomprehensible! Oh, and if this dude started screaming at you in a restaurant IN PUBLIC, why the hell did you remain on the date? You should have called up a friend to come and get you and le...

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