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BadOnlineDates: CT00
CT00 You only like me when you're drunk

I met a guy on an online dating site a few months ago. We messaged each other a number of times and really seemed to hit it off. Seemed to have a lot in common; recently single, sick of the dating game, not looking to date a ton of people casually, etc. We exchanged numbers and texted a lot over the next few weeks. Decided that after a couple weeks of this we should finally meet up, so we did. Had a really good evening of chit chatting with the TV on in the background. All seemed to be going really well.

Then, one night at around 3am I got a series of LONG text messages basically saying that I'm a great guy but he's scared that he'll hurt me, I'm too good for someone like him, etc, etc. I'm a light sleeper so the texts woke me up. He admitted that the conversation was fueled by alcohol so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and responded saying, basically, let me worry about that, I've been enjoying getting to know him. A day or two later our daily chit chats continued.

Then, one day, they stopped. He just stopped responding to my texts. Can you see where this is going? Yup, then again one night in the wee hours I got more long monologues on how he wouldn't blame me if I stopped talking to him, he's not worthy of someone like me, he hates how he's treating me, etc, etc. This time I didn't respond till the morning because I didn't want to encourage a long conversation at 3am when I had work the next day. So I wrote back the next day acknowledging his messages and saying again that (sober) I think he's a good guy and it'd be great to talk in person again and go from there.

No response...so now I'm waiting till the next time I get long, booze fueled text messages early in the morning...I just have a gut feeling that this isn't done yet, but I'm certainly not pursuing it any more.

What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: Nish

Fuck tat guy....lolz

BadOnlineDates: idoh01

My name is suzzy I came across your post and became interested in you i will like to tell you so that I will tell you more about my self and also send my picture for you to see here is my email(susyamamku@yahoo.com)

BadOnlineDates: Chii

I know how u feel but all i can do is wait and the fact also that were really far away :( and maybe we cant see each other .....

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