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BadOnlineDates: person12345
person12345 I need your advice!

basically, there are 2 guys that I like and I wanna kno which one is better/more getable for me. guy 1: this guy I sit next too in a german lesson every Wednesday, we talk laugh and have quite a lot of fun, one week he asked me too meet him at g-floor at break (theres a little cupboard/small room thingy there that we found) so I agreed because I liked him at the time (I still do) and we kisses, then on Friday he shagged his ex, I didn't kno wot to say so I acted like I didn't really care, I texted him and asked if he wanted to meet up again and he didn't reply, the next Monday he asked my best friend out and decided to act like he hated me but they broke up and he was friends with me again, he fliers with my other best friend all the time and is a bit of a slag bit somehow I still think he's fit:/. guy 2: this guy is really nice to me and he is really fit, I have never spoke to him in person but we talk on Facebook all the time. he thinks I'm quite hood looking too but then I find out that he's been telling loads of lasses that they're pretty, I was playing truths with me and he told me that he still fancied his ex a bit but I wasn't too bothered, he's really nice to talk too andeveryone I talk to about him says he's really nice but I think the other guy (guy1) is more gettable:L HELP MEEEEE!!!

What People Are Saying
BadOnlineDates: person12345


BadOnlineDates: Kenz7777

Sounds like neither guy is permanently "gettable" for you.. You want a guy to want you. And you shouldn't be needy or take any guys shit.

BadOnlineDates: dstar

I'd probably go with guy 3.. the one you havnt met yet cause these guys seem like they would be total d-bags

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